The first web admin panel for your App Inventor 2 or Kodular app.

Anything you put in Panel is stored using state-of-the-art blockchain security and storage technology, and we can't change anything that you set up.
Easy setup

Panel is designed to fit snugly into your app. Here's the four-step setup:

1. Register

Each app has its own account. Panel doesn't ask you for your email address or any other personally identifying information.

2. Configure

Once you've created an app account, add basically anything as a variable in your Dashboard.

3. Install

Once you're ready, download and install the Panel extension from your dashboard to your App Inventor/Kodular project. You'll need to copy your App ID from the dashboard into the AppID field in the component's configuration.

4. Integrate

Replace static values with GetItem blocks. You'll use these to grab the variables you defined in your dashboard, so you'll need the variable names.


Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers.

What's the difference from storing everything in a TinyWebDB?

Well, for one thing, you get a web interface with Panel. And for another thing, Panel is more secure. With TinyWebDB, there's always a possibility that someone reverse-engineers your app and directly uses the TinyWebDB API to change things that they shouldn't be changing. Panel makes sure only you can edit things.

What do you mean by 'blockchain security and storage technology'?

We use Blockstack, a blockchain platform that keeps private data secure and all data uneditable to users without permission to edit that specific data, without having any central authorities. Neither Panel or Blockstack can see private data. However, this also means that if you lose your Secret Key, you lose access to your account. A small price to pay for superior security, however.

Am I allowed to use Panel in apps that earn me money?

Yes. Panel does NOT charge anything or take any commission for commercial use.

Completely free (donations welcome!)

Panel does not cost ANYTHING. However, if you want to support Panel, there's no shame in donating. ;)


Unlike TinyWebDB, Panel makes sure that nobody except you can change things. TinyWebDB may seem secure, since keys are hidden from the user, but since all of that is baked into the app, a malicious user could possibly modify things that they shouldn't be able to.